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Anna has extensive experience as a versatile 2D Digital Character Animator. She specializes in Animal character animation and Lip-Sync on characters as diverse as Donald Duck and The Smurfs to a range of animals from Mice in Beatrix Potters Tailor of Gloucester to moles and toads in Wind in The Willows.
Anna's skill set includes Adobe Flash animation where she has created a unique illustrative 'hand-drawn style in addition to the traditional, flat graphic vector style.

Career highlights include working as a Character Animator at Warner brothers Feature Animation in Los Angeles, Disney UK, Universal Sony and Fox TV as a Layout artist on the popular show Futurama.

Created illustrative style Character Animation on the classic ‘Peter Rabbit’ and Friends film collection  for the BBC. These titles include The Tailor of Gloucester, Jemima Puddle Duck and Mr Todd.
Animation on numerous commercials
which include the award winning United Airlines, McDonald's, Honey nut Loops, Fruit of the Loom, Bert's Bees in addition to Casino Game animation (may) and music videos including Morrissey's latest concert video sponsored by PETA.

A quick sample of Animation. All animation by Anna Saunders.                                                                                                                               contact                                                                                                                                           

United Airways Commercial
Animation of mice for Tailor of Gloucester from the Peter Rabbit and friends BBC series. All animation by Anna Saunders at TVC animation London.
Flash animation for Old Navy commercial. Hand drawn on Wacom tablet in Adobe Flash. All Animation by Anna Saunders.

Morrissey has teamed with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and animator Anna Saunders in a new animated video soundtracked by his 1992 song "I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday”. 

The clip will be presented on his tour in support of his upcoming album, “World Peace is None of Your Business”, and coincides with the former Smiths singer’s 55th birthday on May 22. It depicts the journey of a chick named Nugget born and slaughtered in a factory farm, dreaming only of escaping and being reunited with his mother. The video was created by PETA and animator Anna Saunders.
Morrissey has never been shy about any of his views, but he’s been an especially vocal advocate of animal rights over the past 30 years. The latest manifestation of this crusade is a PETA-produced (and animated by Anna Saunders) video to be aired during Morrissey’s upcoming tour dates. As explained on YouTube, “The video takes viewers on a harrowing journey as they witness — through the eyes of one terrified bird — the typical experience of chickens raised for meat. Will our young chick survive what 8 billion chickens each year cannot?” In a clever bit of repurposing, the action comes soundtracked by Your Arsenal jam “I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday.”

In what is probably the most unsurprising collaboration of 2014 so far, Morrissey has joined forces with animal rights organisation PETA, soundtracking a new advert that urges viewers to go vegan.

Hand drawn in Flash for casino game.
Design and animation for Fox TV special on Betty White.

Design Anna Saunders copyright  2016                                                       

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