Now it's possible for your readers to make their literary choices in advance, online by watching a book trailer!

Book Trailers

 A book-trailer adds a whole new multi-media dimension to your book.

Add animation to your digital children's book.


With the emergence of ipads, Kindle Fire, Nooks and iphones, Book -trailers (mini-promotional movies) are now an absolute essential to the book selling business. The trend will continue to increase as more books are published directly and often exclusively to the digital market for PDA devices.

Give your book-buying customers an exciting preview of your book with a unique trailer. They can also add a new multi media dimension to your press release.  Use them to promote you book on blogs, ipads, iphones, Youtube and Facebook.


Add animation and sound effects to really engage your audience. 

These book samples are here to give you just an idea of what can be done but the possibilities are endless! With sound, music, images, film and animation we can create a mini movie that literally brings your book to life and excites your customers enough to click the 'Buy now" button!

Sample Book Trailers

Book Trailer for Sweet Cherry Publishing. Simple graphics, animation and music.


Written by Stephen Chiodo & Jim Strain and illustrated by Charles Chiodo.

A charming childrens Christmas story with a twist.


Sample of illustrations that have had animation and sound added.






Basic Trailer Sample

Secrets of Na Kampe street


by Peter Lang
A taut, twisting, captivating thriller set against the back-drop of World War ll
German occupied Czechoslovakia. Summer 1942, Three men, one secret and
a dangerous mission. Peter Lang has seamlessly woven historical facts with
fiction to create a dark gripping tale of intrigue and courage. " A masterpiece"
Basic Trailer : includes Images, stock-footage and music.

Slim Chances and Unscheduled Appearances

by Edward Petherbridge

An entertaining biography of Edward Petherbridge, one of Britain's finest

and most highly respected actors.Part memoir and part master class, this

unique anthology of prose and poetry, lavishly illustrated throughout by

Petherbridge's own artwork and many rare photographs, is a wonderfully

entertaining, incisive and often moving exposition of the very heart of the

mystery of acting.


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Gathering of the Souls 

by Jean Delphine

A deliciously goulish collection of  ghost stories exposing the dark

under belly of New Orleans and it's rich history of ghosts. 



                                      Why do I need a Book Trailer?                              

At least 30% off all the video views (more than 6.3 million) on YouTube

channel come from search or referrals.

Once you own your own Book-trailer movie-file you can use it to promote your

book on websites, blogs, Youtube, Facebook, Google video and any unlimited
on-line venue that promotes media-rich content.

Trailers, particularly on YouTube, open up a whole channel for sharing and

connecting to the biggest word-of-mouth publicity platform in the English

language. As a promotional tool the book-Trailer is a winning formula. The
main goal of your Book-Trailer is to have a video preview that is entertaining
and intriguing enough to lead potential customers to click the button that 
buys your book!

Book trailers are a creative mix of pictures, video, sound, animation.